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En Geocacher är en person som håller på med "skattjakt" med hjälp av GPS, sk. geocaching. Någon lägger ut en cache någonstans och noterar gps-koordinaterna för denna. Andra personer letar sedan rätt på cachen med hjälp av ledtrådar och en GPS.


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Auctions | used machines & vehicles

Retrade offers used vehicles and machinery through online auctions. Retrade gives larger public and private companies an efficient way to handle their used machines, equipment, vehicles and other surplus materiel which is sold on auctions. By offering their surplus equipment on a common online auction, the users of Retrade are able to reach a vast amount of potential customers and sell their surplus to the highest bidder. The buyers on the other hand, get access to an array of surplus equipment that was previously hard to find on the market. The supply varies from time to time, but often you can find used skylifts, buses, tractors, excavators, workshop equipment, machinery like forestry machinery, construction machinery, industrial and agricultural machinery among our auctions. The use of an auction ensures transparancy in the salesprocess, saves time for both buyer and seller, and contributes to re-use of equipment. Retrade is open to buyers from around the world.

Casinos in Estonia

Our guide has complete lists of every casino in Estonia and includes horse racing in Estonia, dog racing in Estonia and other pari-mutuel activities if applicable. The casinos in Estonia have a very typical look with bright décor and noisy crowd. Tallinn has 38 casinos, the maximum in an Estonian city. The gaming machines are a good combination of slots, video poker terminals and lot more. The variety provided gives the players lot to choose from without getting bored of the casino games. The largest casino is also located in Tallinn with 75 gaming machines and four table games.

Conceptual design - Iron cad

At Enmesh, we create Design software for an Integrated Design Process. GoSimulate works with Iron Cad, is compatible with a Google Sketch up, and includes functionality for Thermal Analysis, Structural Analysis, Mechanics. Also Finite Element Analysis and Finite Element Method is fully supported in GoSimulate. GoSimulate works for everything from low- to high-end design, and the keyword with our software is an integrated design process. From the conceptual design to the final, finished plans, we can handle all steps.